Chicago locales offer tasty Cuban sandwiches

September 25, 2009 (CHICAGO) (WLS) - ... In the South Loop, the hard-to-find Cafecito is located right next to a youth hostel, so you know the kids are loving the fact they can get a hot, pressed Cuban just about any time of day. The beauties here begin with marinated and roasted pork, sliced thin, then griddled some more, and doused in a homemade mojo. Every element of the sandwich - from the in-house roasted ham, to the vibrant mustard and tart pickles - is thought-out. Yet the owner says the key is that mojo.

"Honestly I think it's the mojo. Obviously the grade of the ham and the pork, obviously the cheese and everything, but the mojo I make here. I think it's so important when you control the concentration of the flavors, whether it's the naranja agria - the sour orange - or the garlic or the cumin or the oregano," said Philip Ghantous, owner of Cafecito.

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Steve Dolinsky, ABC7 News